Hey, there!

I am Dayana (or just Daya). 

Graphic designer, adventurer 

and pupper lover! 


I am Dayana, a Bulgarian based in the Czech Republic. I am seeking for challenges and new opportunities every day. Being creative from a young age I have always get spotted by my teachers and friends and got involved in a lot of projects. Later I decided to study Graphic/Advertisement design, got my first internship in an advertising agency and then it hit me – I am in love with what I am doing. I love light/shadow games, and this is one thing that always drags me to photography. I am mid-experienced in the area. I love experimenting and searching for new perspectives of seeing the same object. My hobbies include food (cooking and tasting), hiking, dancing and helping (dogs, lost spiders, humans, environment, books to get read, etc.)


Coming soon ....

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During my work experience, I gained some knowledge that I like to share. The goal here is to inspire young designers and share with them useful information in easy language.


I get quite fascinated by light, details, patterns, nature, people and other random things. here you will be able to read something about it


In the year 2019, there is almost no young person who doesn't dreams about traveling and is ready to pack a backpack and get on the next plane to... wherever.

Contact me.

  Just drop me a message at dayana.toncheva@abv.bg